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Life in BerryTown

The last time I wore temporary tattoos was during high school. Back then, the design was old school with a lot of black ink. It was the traditional American styles of tattoos – skull, dagger, sailor, heart, bird, and anchor among others. Very rock and roll indeed. The other popular design was tribal.

I had donned them all. But ask me to wear them now, I will probably only do so for a theme party.

As I grow older, my attention to detail and style changes. I learn less is better and simplicity is elegance, especially in my dress sense. When it comes to accessories, I tend to opt for ethereal and dainty jewellery pieces. I go for watches with a simple design but luxurious looking. Nothing over the top and in your face.

So, when I stumbled upon BerryTown on Instagram two months ago, I knew instantly I have to get them. Their tattoo designs are absolutely classy, alluring and wanderlusting. A design that speaks my passion. So I browsed through their website, selecting pieces I felt strongly about.

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BerryTown has arrived.

In early March, my tattoos, along with a free gift (olive leaf cuff bracelet), came in a beautiful milky transparent envelope with botanical prints on it. There was also a small note. For the tattoos, I had chosen eight pieces (two pieces for each category – Classic Black, Glow In The Dark, Metallic Gold, and Metallic Silver).

Because I love travelling so much (and the ocean and nature), I got myself mermaid, forest, wave, map, mountain, night sky, and inspirational one-word tattoo designs. They were indeed beautifully minimalist. The price is affordable at just RM3.90 per tattoo.

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A welcome note.

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An olive leaf cuff bracelet as an additional gift. The bracelet is available in gold and silver. I chose the former. The bracelet is very delicate that one of the leaves break. I have, however, managed to reattach the broken pieces with glue.

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Just like other temporary tattoos, applying BerryTown is easy. Just remove the clear plastic and place the tattoo face side down on the area you want to decorate. I simply use a wet cotton pad to sponge the tattoo and leave it for a few seconds.

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One-word design. The ‘journey’ ~

Processed with VSCO with  preset

The one that glows in the dark.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

The moon and star. An elegant tattoo design that complements my watch and dress for an evening function.

Based on my experience, the temporary tattoo lasted for three days before it gradually faded/peeled off. To remove it completely, just use a nail polish remover. Having worn four of BerryTown tattoos, it is suffice to say I am pleased with the product. Its decent design is also suitable for children.

While I love all current designs, I do however hope BerryTown will explore more patterns and perhaps consider adding colours while still retaining the simplicities of its style.

Next, I am looking forward to wearing BerryTown mountain design for my next hiking adventure. Oh, did I tell you BerryTown temporary tattoo is also very Instagrammable? Go, check them out on social media:





To shop BerryTown temporary tattoos, visit

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