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This fragrance reminds me of … (insert country)

There is this scent, it is familiar, and it reminds me of a place. They said a smell can trigger certain memories. I have to agree. When you travel, your fragrance tags along. I have owned more than 20 perfumes and I have travelled to many places. I know how Jerusalem smells like and Bethlehem too, I also remember the smell of Kazakhstan and the distinctive scent of Yogyakarta. These are lovely fragrances I used when I visited these amazing places. And so far, I am happy with the combo.

Two Feet Globe’s morning routine

There comes a time in life when you just feel lazy to care about how you look or dress. You totally lose it. Been there, done that. It was not a good place to be and it was not a good feeling because it affected my life. I believe everyone should feel good in the morning to kick-start the day with positive attitude and mind. If you are not feeling it, then you should probably change your morning routine.