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How to plan a trip, save money and travel

  New year, new you, new goals…and I’m quite sure one of the goals is to go travel? Like many, I try to make it a point to travel (near or far) at least once a year. If I could do it more, even better. But there is also that one common obstacle keeping us from achieving our travel goal. That is money! for sure. If you hear yourself saying “Oh, it’s expensive!”, “I’ve no money”, or if you are just afraid to see a reduction in your saving accounts…stop. Clear your head, reset your goal, reset your priority. In everything we do, there will always be that one or two expensive item(s) we are going to spend on, so might as well spend that money on travelling. Also, if you can afford to buy expensive coffee, expensive food, and new handphones…you have the money. Remember, the goal is to travel and to travel, is to just do it. If you put travelling as one of your top priorities, everything that has to do with planning a …

Travelling with minor to Philippines

Waiver of Exclusion Ground (WEG). If I had known this, I would have prepared PHP5,240 for extra fixed expenses during my travel to the Philippines and not be shocked by the sudden big amount of pesos I had to spend upon arriving at the airport. In Ringgit Malaysia, that would be about 400! On Dec 13 last year, I flew to the Philippines with my two nieces – aged 10 then – and my mom. It was a relaxing aeroplane journey until we had to go through immigration at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). It was 11.08pm then. Tired and couldn’t wait to go to our hotel. “Daughters?” asked the immigration officer as he skimmed through my passport and my nieces’ passport. “No. My nieces. I’m their aunt.” “Their parents, ma’am?” “Parents not travelling along. I have the authorisation letter.” The immigration officer took the letter and skimmed through. He then said something foreign. “Sorry? I don’t understand.” “Waiver…need to pay immigration, ma’am.” *** One important thing I learnt upon our arrival at NAIA: Non-Filipino …

Where have I travelled in the past two years?

In November 2015, I told myself I would put travel plans to rest because I needed to save money for Iceland in winter the following year. But Iceland never happened in 2016, for reason I couldn’t recall, and I remember telling myself I would make it happen the following year. After 16 months of not travelling, I flew to Luang Prabang – a city in north central Laos – for a short trip in April/May 2017. I lost my wallet (USD100, RM300, credit/debit cards, identity card, medical card etc) upon arriving Luang Prabang but survived on emergency stash and fell in love with the small town, the people, and the food…ah yes, the food. Le poisson grillé avec un bol de riz gluant et une bouteille de Beerloa by the Nam Khan river. It was vividly delicious. Then came December 2017. I travelled to Manila, Philippines with my mom and two nieces. Food was not so great but we had amazing experience touring Corregidor Island – second most bombarded island during the World War II and …

Across the sky to English country

I haven’t been updating as often as I should have. Because, one … I got caught up in work. And two, I was just being lazy. Kota Kinabalu has been raining for the past three days and I am feeling a little under the weather lately. The worst thing to happen when travelling. But I am not travelling at the moment, so I should feel relief (despite the cold). Last month and after 26 years, I returned to England with my mother. It was an impromptu decision and I purchased our round-trip tickets four weeks prior to flying on Nov 13. Although I was born in the United Kingdom, my travel to this English country was my first. It was a lovely 10-degree celcius when we arrived. It was cold, it was raining, and it got dark as early as 4pm. But we were lucky not to catch a cold during our one week trip. Here are pictures taken on the first day we arrived (because I am too lazy to go through all the albums 🙂

Something creepy in Aarhus

This week photo challenge: Creepy,  takes me back to Aarhus. When I was travelling in Aarhus, I made it a point to visit the city’s art museum and Denmark’s oldest public art museum – ARos Aarhus Kunstmuseum. This 10-storey building is about 15-minute (or more) walk from the train station/city centre. The art museum offers visitors a variety of exhibitions and each floor brings you to different sections of arts, some of which are very challenging and mindblowing. In other words, CREEPY and STRANGE. And quoting the website, “ARos is a house of art where our guests can be pleased, enlightened and challenged. The architecture is of international class. The same is the art. And both offer experiences of high carat: from light to thrill, from attitude to entertainment, from joy to challenge.” Here are some of the pictures I took 🙂 I am not an art expert but I enjoy viewing eccentric artwork such as Kvium’s masterpieces. According to Wikipedia, Kvium started creating grotesque realistic works depicting the darker side of life in early 1980s. Visit