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Planning Denmark

On a fine Monday afternoon of May 26, I am already thinking of December.

It has been decided and everything that has to do with making a booking will be done real soon. As I am typing this, I am also thinking about moving and the exquisite smell that my hair produces. Not that it smells bad but somehow I am smelling December.

Sitting towards the end of May, the 12th month of the year is not a long way to go. This means I need to plan now on what to bring and items to avoid bringing to Denmark. It will be winter and it will be my first solo winter travelling. So I wouldn’t want to exceed my weight limit by stuffing all heavy coats and sweaters in my backpack and bringing you-think-you-need-them-but-you-don’t items.

On places to go, I do have my list but Denmark is so expensive, so I am avoiding places that will suck-dry my pocket. But while I am at it, I am also now thinking whether I should go Oslo (can I think of less expensive place already)? Decision, decision.

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