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Something creepy in Aarhus

This week photo challenge: Creepy,  takes me back to Aarhus.

When I was travelling in Aarhus, I made it a point to visit the city’s art museum and Denmark’s oldest public art museum – ARos Aarhus Kunstmuseum.

This 10-storey building is about 15-minute (or more) walk from the train station/city centre. The art museum offers visitors a variety of exhibitions and each floor brings you to different sections of arts, some of which are very challenging and mind-blowing. In other words, CREEPY and STRANGE.


And quoting the website,ARos is a house of art where our guests can be pleased, enlightened and challenged. The architecture is of international class. The same is the art. And both offer experiences of high carat: from light to thrill, from attitude to entertainment, from joy to challenge.”

Here are some of the pictures I took 🙂

Paintings by Danish painter and illustrator Michael Kvium

I am not an art expert but I enjoy viewing eccentric artwork such as Kvium’s masterpieces. According to Wikipedia, Kvium started creating grotesque realistic works depicting the darker side of life in early 1980s. Visit to see more of his works.


Selfie fools 🙂

What I loved about this art museum was that it encouraged visitors to take part in an art project. When I visited this place in December 2014, there was a section for selfie enthusiasts. Props were provided for visitors to use and take picture of themselves. Many photos were shared on Instagram #arosfools . Here is mine.

One selfie for the road

A selfie for the road

Then there was a room displaying all sorts of mini artworks. One of the exhibitions, which I found very bizarre was the display of jars containing horse meat. I was told that a horse was actually cut into pieces for this exhibition. I just couldn’t understand this form of art or the fascination behind it.



Jars containing horse meat


A bizarre display…

My most favourite exhibition was Something Strange This Way. Because I am too lazy and having hard time to come up with perfect words to explain this kind of exhibition, I will just extract some explanations from the website.

“The title of the exhibition Something Strange This Way refers to mysterious places, amusement parks and museums where strange and bizarre forces are at play. Like a large number of Cardiff and Miller’s works the exhibition plays on our expectations; they provoke our curiosity and seduce us, before twisting and revealing a new dimension.” – click to read more


Something Strange This Way by internationally renowned Canadian artist duo Janet Cardiff and George Burnes Miller


Click The Carnie for video


Click Opera For A Small Room for video


Click The Killing Machine for video

Something Strange This Way exhibition ended in April but I am sure ARos will come up with more interesting exhibitions for visitors. So if you are planning to visit Aarhus, do make a stop at the museum. It is worth the money.

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