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A traveler lost in translation

How does it feel to travel alone to a country where you don’t speak the language and know no one? And the only language you bring is your own? When I traveled in Denmark, stopping a random person on the street for help was easy. I didn’t face a language barrier because most Danish people and travelers or tourists I bumped into spoke English until I met Cecelia.

When having no plan brings me to places

14 Dec 2014 Copenhagen, Denmark It was Sunday and it was the day Rebecca and Solveign sent me off to my hostel. And just like the day before, we walked. It was also the day I really felt like a serious backpacker because I was carrying a big backpack behind me and a small one in front of me. Pretty heavy stuff I had on my body and to walk 20 minutes with two heavy backpacks was not fun, at all.

Exploring Copenhagen city on foot

Copenhagen, Denmark 13 December 2014 When you stay with locals, they will offer to give a free general guided tour of their area. This was exactly what Solveign and Rebecca did on this day, except they are not from Copenhagen. These two women, in their early 20s, are from Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark. Solveign moved to Copenhagen to study nursing while Rebecca was just visiting – mainly to welcome me and explore the city together. Being avid travellers themselves, my first Denmark adventure did not start with a train ride and I was glad. The morning was 4•C cold and of course it would be a good idea to take the metro in the winter but by not taking the train, I discovered most of the tourist attractions are within walking distance. Moving around Copenhagen on foot (and on bicycle) is the best option because you get to walk (or cycle) through the back alleys and see different sights of the city. If I had taken other options, I wouldn’t see the many ducks and swans gliding across the lake, locals doing their morning jog in …

Reaching Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark On Dec 12, 2014 It took me three planes and almost a day to finally reach the southern-most Scandinavian country. I was one hour behind schedule when I touched down at Københavns Lufthavn. Excited, I immediately rushed out from the plane to the baggage claim area and to the arrival hall, where my Danish friend Rebecca welcomed me and had been waiting for four hours! (I guess). I am not sure how huge the airport is but according to Wikipedia, it is the largest airport in the Nordic countries. So if you are a first timer here, don’t worry because it is definitely easy to find your way around the airport. After a quick Hi! Welcome to Denmark! I miss you! I’m so happy to see you again!, we took a metro (train) from the airport to Forum Station, which was close to Solveign’s apartment where I spent my two nights. It was already 2.45pm when we reached the apartment and it was 6°C and it drizzled. Basically, my day one in Denmark (or Copenhagen to be specific) was about touching down, settling down, relaxing, making …

White Christmas 2014

I had a good sleep until I was awakened about 7.30am. Come and look outside the window, Mom Lea whispered to my morning face. I jumped out of bed and the rest is history. I didn’t expect snow to fall in Aarhus that soon but farmor was positive it is going to be a white Christmas on Dec 25th. This is just a perfect ending to my trip and for that I am blessed.