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Reaching Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark
On Dec 12, 2014

It took me three planes and almost a day to finally reach the southern-most Scandinavian country. I was one hour behind schedule when I touched down at Københavns Lufthavn. Excited, I immediately rushed out from the plane to the baggage claim area and to the arrival hall, where my Danish friend Rebecca welcomed me and had been waiting for four hours! (I guess).

I am not sure how huge the airport is but according to Wikipedia, it is the largest airport in the Nordic countries. So if you are a first timer here, don’t worry because it is definitely easy to find your way around the airport.

After a quick Hi! Welcome to Denmark! I miss you! I’m so happy to see you again!, we took a metro (train) from the airport to Forum Station, which was close to Solveign’s apartment where I spent my two nights. It was already 2.45pm when we reached the apartment and it was 6°C and it drizzled.

Basically, my day one in Denmark (or Copenhagen to be specific) was about touching down, settling down, relaxing, making new friend (I met Solveign for the first time), and having a welcome home cooked dinner.

Here, the sky turned dark by 4pm. By then, we were having coffee in the kitchen and they were interrogating me. How was your flight? How long was your flight? How was KK? What is your plan? Are you tired? Did you bring enough warm clothes? etc etc Then Rebbeca and Solveign discussed about dinner in Danish.

Because they wanted to make a special dish for me, we headed to a nearby supermarket. It was colder in the evening but I ended up having a full and satisfied tummy. Later, we discussed on whether to go out for a beer and agreed that I needed a rest after a long-haul flight. So we stayed in and played cards. It was already 9.30pm before I hit the bed.


Departing Dubai International Aiport, after 8 hours in transit.


A general view of Dubai from Emirates EK151 flight.


It is nice to be seated by the window and have all three seats to myself.


Sea ice is visible from above. This means, we are getting closer to Denmark. Flight from Dubai to Copenhagen takes 5 hours and 30 minutes.


Settling down in Solveign’s apartment. She has a simple and cosy apartment.


Just beer cans that I’ve never seen back home. I get easily excited seeing new things.


Solveign and Rebecca preparing dinner.


Rebecca preparing delicious meal. “This is very Danish,” according to her. It is basically pork meat.


What we had for dinner – pork meat, plain carrots and capsicums, onions, beers (and something else).


Couch by day, bed by night.

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