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How to plan a trip, save money and travel

New year, new you, new goals…and I’m quite sure one of the goals is to go travel? Like many, I try to make it a point to travel (near or far) at least once a year. If I could do it more, even better. But there is also that one common obstacle keeping us from achieving our travel goal. That is money! for sure. If you hear yourself saying “Oh, it’s expensive!”, “I’ve no money”, or if you are just afraid to see a reduction in your saving accounts…stop. Clear your head, reset your goal, reset your priority. In everything we do, there will always be that one or two expensive item(s) we are going to spend on, so might as well spend that money on travelling. Also, if you can afford to buy expensive coffee, expensive food, and new handphones…you have the money. Remember, the goal is to travel and to travel, is to just do it. If you put travelling as one of your top priorities, everything that has to do with planning a trip …

A souvenir kind of day

I was feeling a little unproductive this morning. Maybe because I had to attend a boring assignment – Goods and Services Tax briefing by Sabah Customs Department … … And no, I am not going to talk about GST. So, I arrived office at 12.15pm, bringing in only one news. As I settled back in my seat, my colleague approached me. Olivia was holding a box of some things. As I looked closely, there were five or six fridge magnets, and five or six thin boards with pictures on them. There could be more than five and more than six too. My eyes were fixed on one of the thin boards. It was the one with two tiny holes and a rope attached to one of the holes. There was a red building painted on the board with caption written Office of the President, Republic of China (Taiwan). I was not sure what to do with it but I took it because it was unique. “How long were you in Taiwan?” I asked. I knew Olivia was on leave for the past few days. I just didn’t …

Drinking coffee in Copenhagen

People drinking coffee

One of my favourite pastimes is going to cafe for a cup of joe. There is something relaxing and elegant about it. Maybe it is the ambience or perhaps the smell of coffee. Or maybe it is the act of observing people sipping a cuppa  itself. It will take me some time to explain but like Jackie Chan said, coffee is a language itself. Here are pictures I found on Pinterest.