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Movies to inspire your wanderlust

Have you watched a movie with breathtaking scenery and imagined yourself being there? It inspires you to pack your bag and see the world outside of your comfort zone.

But for now, all our leisure travel plans have to be put on hold. With many countries still closing their border and some imposing lockdown, the travel industry remains uncertain and is hampered by Covid-19.

For countries that allow their citizens to travel domestically, that is definitely a good news. But for many of us, we just can’t help but to wonder when can we start travelling (to another country) again.

We, then, find ourselves browsing throwback travel photos, checking airline tickets, reading travel blogs, watching travel documentaries or movies, and making a list of countries to visit in future.

Speaking of movies that will make you want to travel, one of my favourites is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The storyline, the journey, and the film location have brought me to Iceland in 2018.

You see, sometimes a movie is so powerful that it creates a strong connection with its viewers. Such a good movie – and a very good one – will always bring colour and enthusiasm into someone’s life.

When it comes to travelling, we sometimes need some sort of inspiration to push us to get on that plane and reach our destination. Perhaps these movies will help you plan your next travel after Covid-19.

1. The Way

If you ask me, one of my next big trips is going on a spiritual journey and walking the Camino de Santiago. This movie will show you what it’s like to walk the Way of St James from France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. If you want to go on a journey of self-discovery, I suggest you put Camino de Santiago on your list.

Watch full movie here

2. Midnight in Paris

Paris, c’est la vie et belle. Tres magnifique et chic! It is a city of love, culture, and inspiration. I’ve always wanted to visit Paris. If you want to catch a glimpse of Paris, this movie will give you a feeling of walking and having enchanted evening in the streets of Paris, and to just be inspired by it.

3. Hector and The Search For Happiness

Other than learning something about travelling and the pursuit of happiness, this movie takes you on an interesting and hilarious adventure to China and Africa, among other places.

Watch full movie here.

4. Queen (Hindi)

When your life turns upside down, pack your bag and go travel. Do it solo and start planning now. Find your balance and learn to stand on your feet again. Be open and just live. If you don’t have the guts, maybe this movie will help kickstart your journey. 

Watch full movie here (no subtitle). This movie is also available on Netflix.

5. Journey to Greenland (French)

Greenland, through this movie, is spectacular. I definitely want to explore Greenland and meet the Inuit people. There’s something about Greenland in this movie. It exudes calmness and excitement.

This movie is available on Netflix.

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