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The day I met my first travel companion

Copenhagen, Denmark 15 Dec 2015 It was 6am when I woke up. The sky was dark but I could hear whispers, someone going up and down the bunk bed ladder, someone walking on tiptoe, a bathroom door being closed, and the tap water running. I knew everyone, except me, was wide awake and getting ready to go somewhere. But there I was, lying still and half awake. It was not until an hour later, that I finally got up and realised everyone had left. According to my guidebook, the Kronborg Slot opens from 10.30am to 5pm and adult entrance fee is 95kr. I grabbed my backpack and headed out for breakfast at Baresso Coffee. My plan was to take a train to Helsingor, a port town in the northern Zealand. The goals were to explore Kronborg castle and follow the footsteps of Hamlet, to see “bizarre faces” inside the Church of St Mary (Sankt Mariae Kirke), and to take a bus to Esrum Kloster, and to do other tourist activities worth doing. By the time my latte was half empty (and out of sheer boredom) I google-d Kronborg …

Don’t miss the Posterland while in Copenhagen

Posterland sits on Gothersgade near the Rosenborg slot garden in Copenhagen. It is just a turn away from my hostel Generator Copenhagen. If you are into posters or postcards, this two-storey shop is worth a visit. And in Denmark, hanging posters on wall is something one must do when it comes to decorating home. I enjoyed browsing the store during my visit here. It was like visiting an art store room and finding hidden art pieces no one has seen. The shop has tons of posters and postcards. You can find copies of famous paintings, vintage posters, maps, celebrity icons, posters for children, and the list goes on.

When having no plan brings me to places

14 Dec 2014 Copenhagen, Denmark It was Sunday and it was the day Rebecca and Solveign sent me off to my hostel. And just like the day before, we walked. It was also the day I really felt like a serious backpacker because I was carrying a big backpack behind me and a small one in front of me. Pretty heavy stuff I had on my body and to walk 20 minutes with two heavy backpacks was not fun, at all.

Exploring Copenhagen city on foot

Copenhagen, Denmark 13 December 2014 When you stay with locals, they will offer to give a free general guided tour of their area. This was exactly what Solveign and Rebecca did on this day, except they are not from Copenhagen. These two women, in their early 20s, are from Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark. Solveign moved to Copenhagen to study nursing while Rebecca was just visiting – mainly to welcome me and explore the city together. Being avid travellers themselves, my first Denmark adventure did not start with a train ride and I was glad. The morning was 4•C cold and of course it would be a good idea to take the metro in the winter but by not taking the train, I discovered most of the tourist attractions are within walking distance. Moving around Copenhagen on foot (and on bicycle) is the best option because you get to walk (or cycle) through the back alleys and see different sights of the city. If I had taken other options, I wouldn’t see the many ducks and swans gliding across the lake, locals doing their morning jog in …