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Don’t miss the Posterland while in Copenhagen

Posterland sits on Gothersgade near the Rosenborg slot garden in Copenhagen. It is just a turn away from my hostel Generator Copenhagen. If you are into posters or postcards, this two-storey shop is worth a visit. And in Denmark, hanging posters on wall is something one must do when it comes to decorating home.

I enjoyed browsing the store during my visit here. It was like visiting an art store room and finding hidden art pieces no one has seen. The shop has tons of posters and postcards. You can find copies of famous paintings, vintage posters, maps, celebrity icons, posters for children, and the list goes on.

I got myself a mini poster and postcards.

The Little Mermaid is the most visited statue in Copenhagen.

I personally love this poster. It is very Denmark.

Freetown Christiana!

Aarhus the second largest city in Denmark.

I got this postcard from my visit to Kronborg Slot in Helsingor.

Another one from Kronborg Slot gift shop.


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