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Beautiful is the day…

Today is full of memorable moments. A memorable moment with loved ones having an okay-but-not-so-okay meal at Hilton Hotel, where the staff offered each of us a complimentary chocolate cake in conjunction with Hilton’s 100 years anniversary. A memorable moment when I finally built the courage to say “This is it. We are ready!” A memorable moment when I finally got my hands on Scott Schuman’s book at only RM12. Today is indeed beautiful and I will not say in another way.

Toast to a random thought

The heart knows when the search is over… When I am not telling stories about traveling the world, I be random-ing. The other day, I found an old treasure. A book, which I have completely forgotten and now reunited. Every woman somehow needs to have a guide book that speaks about relationship. Whether it’s a book that discuss on how to attract men, how to forget your past relationship/ex, how to cope with bad relationship, how to build a strong relationship, how to bring your relationship to the altar and the like, all women must have it in their shelf just so it may come in handy someday. It is unexplainable but understandable at the same time. I bought this particular book when I was still in uni. Two-thousand-and-six or perhaps seven. I was 20 or 21 then. I am not sure how this would help me, but I believe it would come in handy soon 🙂

A return to the sea. 2013

Diving in South sulug reef, East sulug reef and Mid reef edge within Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. It feels great to return to the sea after staying dry for almost three months. Despite being close to the city, these sites still have plenty of undestroyed coral reef. Take a look 🙂 What I love about diving is that I get to play the focus game. Once I am in, it means 90 or 80 per cent of the whole dive/s is  about me and my surrounding. The other 10 or 20 per cent involves me trying hard to stick to the buddy system rules which I have to admit, I suck at it because most of the time I will be in my own world, doing my own stuff and get separated from the group. Anyways, I had three great leisure dives with Borneo Divers on 27 August. During the dives, I encountered new nudibranch species and discovered a turtle carcass.