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South Korea. 2008

What I miss most about South Korea is the coffee vending machine. When I first visited the country, it was winter. My mom and I left for South Korea on the night of Christmas eve in 2008. I remember celebrating Christmas in the air.

Anyways, what I remember most about this trip was the snow, the cold, the frost bite, getting sick, the food which I hated (and now slowly getting used to it), Everland Theme Park, Nami Island (shooting location for Korean drama, Winter Sonata), getting naked in one of Korea bathhouses (normal bathing culture among the Koreans) and the museums.

Yes. I fell sick during the 8-day trip and the only thing I sought for was coffee to keep my body warm. Thank goodness they had coffee vending machines everywhere. God knows how many coins I collected and still have them after five years collecting dust.

Overall, I had fun with a no mood aura towards the end of the trip. Would I return again? Definitely and the next time I visit South Korea, I will have Haesindang Park in my list.


Taking a stroll at the famous filming location for Korean drama ‘Winter Sonata’ (I haven’t even seen the series)


I ate this every morning, every afternoon and every night. The reason why I hated Korean food so much :S


Typical busy street in a city/town (somewhere but not Seoul)


Busy market at the pier. Good place to have a chat with locals 🙂


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