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Mabul and Sipadan. 2013

My last dive was in May. That means I haven’t been diving for almost three months. In my (not so) recent dive trip to Mabul and Sipadan, my buddies and I did 10 dives (including two night dives a sunset dive and a night dive). We stayed with Billabong Scuba for three nights. It was one of the reasonable dive packages with decent accommodation and food. Friendly staff and dive guides.

If you are in the east coast of Sabah and looking for the best site for muck diving, Mabul Island is definitely the place to be. And quoting Wikipedia, it is “is arguably one of the richest single destinations for exotic small marine life anywhere in the world.”

We also did three dives at one of world’s best diving destinations, Sipadan. Although I did not see as much sharks as I did in 2010, I had fun gazing at the beautiful coral wall of Sipadan while drifting with the mild current that led us to a school of barracudas. We had to hold tight on to a big rock and watched them swim against the current in awe.

But, I had to admit I did not enjoy our evening dive at Mabul. Most of the time, I just couldn’t wait for the dive to end. That said, we made a brief friendship with a Russian guy who made me strummed his guitar while he sang a song about having sex. Good birra.










night dive encounter

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