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Crossing Israel

The border immigration, I have to say is the worst.

I guess it happens everywhere in the world when you have thousands of people crossing border to another county by road and system gets disorganised as a result of ground staff, who get tips from fellow border crossers, not following rules. I would not know about other places but I had to say border crossing from Jordan to Israel was terrible. You would not understand unless you had crossed over to Israel (or to other countries) by road.

The similarities between Jordan, Israel, and the Palestine are their limestone buildings, patches of palm trees in vast flat terrain, the oasis, the wilderness, the mountainous rock. I do find the places I have passed through within the Palestinian territories and Israel are more developed with small towns and buildings. But hey, I have not been to or passed by many places in Jordan and I am sure looking forward to tour Amman city towards the end of this trip.

Passing Jericho to Tiberias yesterday, we stopped by the Mount of Temptation where Jesus during his fasting period was tempted by the devil. I don’t “really” read the holy scriptures but to be walking through the bible, literally, is amazing. However, I was quite dissapointed that the stopover at Mount of Temptation was not as inviting as I thought it would be. Not only I had the chance to take picture of the signboard but I was also greeted by rubbish here and there.

Having said that, the view overlooking the mountain was spectacular. I would not trade this experience for anything…

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