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I stood before the Golden Gate

On the Mount of Olives, I stand in silence before the old city of Jerusalem and just few meters below me, is a Jewish cemetery dated over 3,000 years which holds more than 100,000 graves. The similarity of these graves is that all the tomb stones appeared to be facing the wall city of the promised land where the sealed Golden Gate is located on the east (right corner). This gate is regarded as a holy site for all faiths and it leads to the temple mount.

Crossing Israel

The border immigration, I have to say is the worst. I guess it happens everywhere in the world when you have thousands of people crossing border to another county by road and system gets disorganised as a result of ground staff, who get tips from fellow border crossers, not following rules. I would not know about other places but I had to say border crossing from Jordan to Israel was terrible. You would not understand unless you had crossed over to Israel (or to other countries) by road.