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That souvenir we collect as we travel

A person who travels will always end up having a souvenir or more in hand.

Whether it is a boarding pass, receipts, an article cut off from newspapers with language we do not understand, that cheap cowboy hat from one ‘Ahmad’ (or was his name Ali?), brochures, rocks, leaves, that ashtray you stole from a hotel room in South Korea, not forgetting that shower kits, key-chains, fridge magnets, or a piece of paper with a phone number and Skype username scribbled on it, and the list goes on.

This is inevitable because as human, we always want something that reminds us of certain event and place visited. Even when we think there isn’t a need to buy one, it will somehow find its way to reach us.

We hold on to these mementos. We get rid of the ones that we do not need. And the ones that stay become our little safe boxes that secure our travel memories.

Here are some of the many souvenirs lying on my office desk.








Last but not least, we definitely speak currency as we travel 🙂

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A. Geraldine is a journalist and a digital content creator based in Kota Kinabalu. When she is not working, she goes travelling or watches the world go by. Beside writing hard news, she shares travel tales and tips on her personal blog

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