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Beautiful is the day…

Today is full of memorable moments. A memorable moment with loved ones having an okay-but-not-so-okay meal at Hilton Hotel, where the staff offered each of us a complimentary chocolate cake in conjunction with Hilton’s 100 years anniversary. A memorable moment when I finally built the courage to say “This is it. We are ready!” A memorable moment when I finally got my hands on Scott Schuman’s book at only RM12. Today is indeed beautiful and I will not say in another way.

White Christmas 2014

I had a good sleep until I was awakened about 7.30am. Come and look outside the window, Mom Lea whispered to my morning face. I jumped out of bed and the rest is history. I didn’t expect snow to fall in Aarhus that soon but farmor was positive it is going to be a white Christmas on Dec 25th. This is just a perfect ending to my trip and for that I am blessed.

That souvenir we collect as we travel

A person who travels will always end up having a souvenir or more in hand. Whether it is a boarding pass, receipts, an article cut off from newspapers with language we do not understand, that cheap cowboy hat from one ‘Ahmad’ (or was his name Ali?), brochures, rocks, leaves, that ashtray you stole from a hotel room in South Korea, not forgetting that shower kits, key-chains, fridge magnets, or a piece of paper with a phone number and Skype username scribbled on it, and the list goes on.