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When the mind wanders

Have you ever been so bored in the office that you just want to grab your bag and go? I am feeling exactly that and it is only 2.35pm. I have completed my news for the day and decided to rant a little. My mind is doing the talking as I am typing all these sentences.

So, just a while ago I was in my thinking zone and I was thinking about my past, present, and future. Was or am I happy? What makes me happy?

I am not feeling sad nor am I feeling happy. I guess what I am feeling right now is one of those reminiscing moments and it can be quite distracting. I read somewhere that in order to clear your mind, make a list of things that make you happy or list of plans you want to do. Well, I am going to do just that 🙂

1. Book hostel room in Copenhagen
2. Move out next year
3. Make a list of plans

Well, that does make me feel all smiley.

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A.Geraldine is a journalist based in Kota Kinabalu. When she is not working, she goes travelling or watches the world go by.

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