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Movies that make you want to see the world

This year, I may or may not travel.

But who knows, because based on last year’s adventures I learnt that I was capable of making an impromptu decision. Just like when I decided to purchase return tickets for my then 7-year-old nieces, five days prior to flying to Jakarta … just because I wanted companions and most of all, I wanted to expose them to a backpacking adventure. That was in May 2015 and boy, we had a blast.

Then in June, I contemplated joining my mom on a tour group to Beijing but I shrugged off hesitation and four months later, I found myself scaling up the steep stairs of China’s great wall. And three weeks after our Beijing trip, I packed my suitcase and took my mom on a suprise trip to London.

You see, most of us have a strong desire to see the world and often, we hesitate. To travel (far or near) is to just do it because if you don’t, you will just be sitting and dreaming about travelling. But I also believe and understand that everyone has their own little way of making it work. Some people may take a longer time to finally commit because they need more time to be inspired.

If you find yourself lacking motivation, perhaps these movies will help to invite inspiration and passion back into your life.

1. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


This is one of my favourite movies. Apart from the amazing soundtrack, the filming locations of this movie are spectacular. Walter Mitty will surely make you want to visit Iceland.

2. Under The Tuscan Sun


Under The Tuscan Sun is the very first movie that inspired me to see the world. It is because of this movie that I fell in love with Tuscany and sunflower. I travelled to Italy in 2012, but I had yet to visit Tuscany. Slowly but surely.

3. The Sisterhood Of Travelling Pants


This is a movie about friendship and love. Perhaps you and your friends have been planning for a long time to go on an adventure together? Well, the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants may be able to motivate you and your friends to get on that plane. Who knows, you may be walking in the streets of Santorini tomorrow.

4. The Hundred-Foot Journey


If you are into gastronomy, you will enjoy The Hundred-Foot Journey. Filmed in a miedival village in the Midi-Pyrénées region, this movie will make you want to visit France and experience the elegant taste of French cuisine.

5. Vicky Christina Barcelona


There is something about Barcelona in this movie. The culture, the architecture, the people, through this film, makes Barcelona seems so sexy and quaint. A good movie to watch if you want to catch a glimpse of Barcelona.


  1. This post is very interesting! I’ve never seen anyone give a list of movies to watch based on travel destinations! Thoroughly enjoyed the post and will sure check Out these movies and dream of going to those places!

    • Thank you for stopping by 🙂

      These are just some of the movies I watched and fell in love with the film locations.
      Two days ago, I watched Midnight in Paris. It was good. You should check it out too 🙂

  2. Great post.. I can relate.. I booked my ticket to NZ for my solo backpacking trip after watching Walter Mitty… Always wanted to go but never could do it until I watched the movie.. The next day I booked my ticket n rest is history, as they say 🙂 Keep traveling!

    • I read your blog and now I have this strong urge wanting to be at Jailhouse Accommodation. Now that Air Asia has opened route to Auckland, who knows I may actually fly over 🙂

      • Yes.. Good news that.. 🙂 Hope it happens soon for u… It’s really a beautiful place tat every traveller should go

  3. walter mitty definitely made me wanna go to iceland! its like you could get lost in wander and amazement with nature alone

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