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Towards minimalism

First of all, I fail at blogging often.

And here I am, back with a new domain, after abandoning this for over a year. It is 2.40pm and according to my weather forecast, it’s 32 degree Celcius. Mostly cloudy.

The office is, however, 23 degree Celcius cold. I feel sort of under the weather, today.

Anyways, I am currently reading ‘Goodbye, things: On minimalist living’ by Fumio Sasaki. I have been trying to remove a lot of (useless) things from my room as of late but I am having hard time doing so simply because:

1) I am lazy; 2) I feel unmotivated; 3) I do not have the time; and 4) I am buying more stuff.

I am on a journey towards a minimalist lifestyle and decluttering seems like a never ending process.

I think I am very much like Fumio Sasaki (before he becomes a minimalist) – a maximalist. I tend to keep a lot of small things, even pieces of paper with unimportant note scribbled on it, and expensive things that only bring temporary happiness into my life and are now collecting dusts.

But I am slowly letting go of some of these things. Over time, I have accumulated a lot of skincare/beauty products. I probably spent thousands of ringgit on them and thinking about it does make me feel guilty. So, I decide to stop buying new products and I haven’t been purchasing one for almost two months now. Something that I’m proud of.

There are still many areas I need to tackle like my clothes, books, accessories, shoes, and bags. Slowly but surely.

In the meantime, if you are trying out minimalism ‘Goodbye, things: On minimalist living’ by Fumio Sasaki is an easy book to read. Or, just listen to the audiobook here for free.

Till my next update.



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